Lots of people dream about chocolate.

Most people dream about eating it.

But Anna Gustafson dreamed about making it. The life she shared with Paul Burke was already busy enough and the Blue Horse Gallery was bringing much success. Still, an unusually compelling dream came during a visit to Tofino in 2003. She sat bolt upright in bed and woke Paul. 'I dreamed we were making beautiful chocolate bars, and they had a Haida design of a crow on the label and the name Crow Bar in red!'

Paul has always had a fine appreciation for chocolate. He thought the idea sounded interesting and delicious. But after all, they were both working flat-out to keep the gallery stocked with beautiful objects.

A completely new business was the last thing they needed. Anna saw his point and eventually went back to sleep. When Paul and Anna returned home to Salt Spring Island to find that their daughter Sophia would be going to Rome on a Rotary exchange it seemed that the dream had real purpose.

Paul contacted internationally renowned Haida artist Jim Hart, who is married to Paul's cousin Rosemary. He quickly agreed to design the label. With plenty of advice from Anna's father Gunnar Gustafson, (a Swedish-Canadian konditor who knows a lot about chocolate) they began to plan production.

Crow Bars helped Sophia with her time in Rome and now that she is back home the business is continuing to grow.

Currently available:

100 gram bars

  • Milk Chocolate $5.00
  • Dark Chocolate $5.00
  • Extra Dark Chocolate $5.00
  • Dark Chocolate with Almonds $5.50
  • Extra Dark Chocolate with Espresso beans $5.50

25 gram bars

  • Milk Chocolate $2.00
  • Dark Chocolate $2.00
  • Extra Dark Chocolate $2.25